Samsung Galaxy S9: The best Galaxy Phone 2018

The newest Samsung smartphone in the market are Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, and both offer wide range of specs that can be enough for anyone in the market. But this new generation of Galaxy does not leave anyone indifferent. And, the expectations from the Samsung Galaxy S9 are even high, and Samsung should make it possible by 2018.

The recent Samsung smartphones models make it possible to use the fingerprint scanner located at the rear (next to the camera sensor), the iris scanner and the facial recognition, so that it is possible to combine all of them for those cases where illumination, is not enough for facial recognition. During the tests, we have verified that it works quite well, although we agree that the new location of the fingerprint scanner is intended for right-handed, not so much for left-handed, as well as sometimes confused with the camera, It is difficult to recognize which is one and which is the other. So, fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy Smartphone works like charm, and hope to see the same in the Samsung Galaxy S9.

What about the Bixby assistant?

Bixby is the new assistant of artificial intelligence of Samsung, and for the moment, only some of its functionalities function. In fact, Samsung decided at the last minute that Bixby’s voice recognition was not tuned enough for English speaking, so the ability to talk to Bixby is completely disabled in some markets, including American and Europe. That leaves you with the possibility of using either the “personalized card” or image recognition called Bixby Vision, with which we can interpret objects or know their value. We expect to see a few improvements in the Bixby when Galaxy S9 arrives.

So, Bixby has to travel to match the recommendations offered by other voice assistants like Siri, Cortana or Google, but according to Samsung, Bixby promises to revolutionize its functionality based on the application of artificial intelligence.

Does the Galaxy S8 support USB-C charging?

You can charge your phone with any standard USB-C charger. However, the phone uses its own fast charging technology, so you will not get a fast charge with USB-C chargers that use the USB-C Power Delivery standard (like the chargers that come with the Google Pixel smartphone). To improve ratios and charging times, Samsung recommends using the charger included with your smartphone. We’re sure Samsung is going to carry the USB-C in the Samsung Galaxy S9, because it is going to be a standard in any high-end smartphone arriving in 2018.

Also, it is worth mentioning that Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to be amazing phone with the latest hardware and features that will arrive in 2018, and we’re sure it will even better than the latest launch Apple iPhone X.


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